Institution Self-Assessment

Inclusion is one of the most complex concepts to be considered and one of the great challenges for the current higher educational contexts characterized by increasing of complexity and diversity of students and situations. In front of this new scenario, HEIs have to be aware that inclusion is more than understanding specific educational needs. Inclusion implies the challenge to understand this new scenario as an opportunity for mutual learning not as a problem.

A4A self-assessment tool has been develop for those Higher Education Institutions (HEI) (eg., universities, polytechnics, etc.) willing to explore and improve their innovative and inclusive policies. The main goal of this self-assessment tool is help HEI to identify their current situation and explore feasible areas of development.

The self-assessment tool should measure no just the HEI values and principles, but also the main organisational characteristics for promoting any kind of innovations, especially those aimed to improve students’ inclusion, make more open HEI and reduce structural discrimination. An A4A HEI is not only an institution committed with students’ inclusion, but also a dynamic institution continually involved in innovative process.

A4A self-assessment tool covers six broad factors organised into two main dimensions:

(A) Institutional related factors

  • 1. HEI Organisational maturity (how is your HEI?)
  • 2. Institutional innovation management culture (Is your HEI flexible enough for dealing with a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous environment?)
  • 3. Knowledge sharing (How is your HEI sharing its knowledge both, inside and outside the organisation?)

(B) Inclusion related factors
  • 4. Inclusion shared understanding (Is there a clear and share idea about inclusion in HEIs?)
  • 5. Policies for inclusion (Are you HEI policies clearly encouraging inclusion?)
  • 6. Actions for inclusion (what kind of inclusion related action is your HEI developing?)

Each factor included in this self-assessment tool is compounded of 5 indicators and each indicator presents 4 possible scenarios. Users must choose only one scenario (that which best represent his/her HEI) from each indicator. Either, if any dimension is not relevant for your own institution or you do not have enough information to answer it, you can leave it blank.

A4A self-assessment tool can be used by individuals (i.e., managers, faculty, staff, students), groups or any kind of formal institutional structure (departments, institutes, schools, etc.). The group and “formal institutional structure” allows to open up discussions inside HEIs. A4A self-assessment tool can be also used to compare different visions about the same HEI or how HEI perceptions about innovation and inclusion change over time.

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University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Universitatea din București
Università degli studi di Bergamo
University of Bristol
Instituto politécnico de Leiria
Equipo de Desarrollo Organizacional - UAB