SUCRE - Supporting University Community pathways for REfugees-migrants

SUCRE - Supporting University Community pathways for REfugees-migrants

Coordinator: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)
Financial organisation: Erasmus +
Participants: Vrije Universitet Amsterdam (Netherlands), Greek Council for Refugees (Greece) & Universitaet zu Koeln (Germany).
The S.U.C.RE. Programme focuses on the response of the Universities to the academic needs of refugees/migrants students and scholars and to the formation of Manuals of Field Testing (Handbook of Good Practices), through the development of training modules addressed to voluntary sector working in the field with the specific population.

Specifically, S.U.C.RE. focuses on the processes (linguistic support, knowledge level, etc.) required for the proper integration of refugees/migrants in higher education as well as on their academic support after their acceptance/entrance in a University. In addition, the program focuses on the psychosocial integration/support of refugees/migrants and their proper information on legal and medical issues. S.U.C.RE. aims at creating educational/training material to be properly used by trainers for the above-stated purposes.
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