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2018 Indicators of Higher Education Equity in the United States: Historical Trend Report
Cahalan M, Perna LW, Yamashita M, Wright J. & Santillan, S (2018)
The European Higher Education Area in 2018: Bologna Process Implementation Report
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European Higher Education Area: The Impact of Past and Future Policies
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Education at a Glance 2018: OECD Indicators
OECD , OECD publising (2018)
Putting fairness in context: using data to widen access to higher education
The Fair Education Alliance , The Fair Education Alliance (2018)
Under-represented Students and the Transition to Post-secondary Education: Comparing Two Toronto Cohorts
Robson K., Anisef P,. Brown R & George R. C. , Canadian Journal of Higher Education (2018)
Struggles and strategies: does social class matter in higher education
Threadgold, S. Burke, P.Jane & Bunn, M. , University of Newcastle (2018)
Good Practices for equity and inclusion in Higher Education
Dovigo F, Casanova L, Gairín Sallán, J, Pupponen H, Mäkelä T, Jerónimo M, Duarte A, Mangas C, Sousa S, Iucu R, Stîngu M, Marin E, Maurariu C, Olmos Rueda P, Rodríguez-Gómez D & Lucas L. , Collana Educazione Inclusiva - Inclusive Education Series (2017)
Encouraging People into University
Sanders M, Chande R & Selley E , Goverment Social Research (2017)
The re-recruitment of students who have withdrawn from Australian higher education
Harvey A, Szalkowicz G & Luckman M , Australian Government Department of Education and Training (2017)
Higher Education in Finland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and UK. A brief overview.
Castro D, Duarte A, Iucu R, Jerónimo M, Kinnunen H, Lucas L, Mäkelä T, Mangas C, Marin E, Murariu C, Rodríguez-Gómez D, Sousa S & Stîngu M , Unviersity of Bergamo (2016)
They have gone, and now what? Understanding reenrolment patterns in the Catalan public higher education system
Rodríguez-Gómez, D, Meneses J, Gairín J, Feixas, M & Muñoz, JL (2016)
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