Leaving university without a degree. Four types of early leavers

Leaving university without a degree. Four types of early leavers

Year: 2010
Authors: Beaupere N & Boudesseul G
Editor: Training and Employment
Publisher: Centre d’etudes et de recherches sur les qualifications (Céreq)
Link: http://www.cereq.fr/cereq/trai86.pdf
Most French school-leavers undergo higher education studies after passing the baccalauréat: according to the Ministry of National Education’s records, 98% of those with a general baccalauréat, 78% of those with a technological baccalauréat and 23% of those with a vocational baccalauréat subsequently take long or short higher education paths.
However, some of them leave University without obtaining degrees. Based on the Céreq’s latest “Generation” study, the drop-out rate from higher education amounted to 20% in 2004.
Although these youths’ trajectories naturally depend partly on factors such as the type of baccalauréat, age, gender and the field of study they choose at enrolment, it is hard to explain why they decide or are obliged to drop out of their courses without obtaining the qualifications targeted. Further to the above quantitative surveys on this topic, a series of interviews were carried out on 60 early University leavers with a view to elucidating the internal logics underlying their pathways, in the light of their personal account of events.
Based on the results obtained in this study, four categories of early leavers were defined, taking these ex-students’ attitudes towards qualifications and their future transition to work as criteria.
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