Profile of Inclusive Teachers

Profile of Inclusive Teachers

Year: 2012
Authors: European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education
Publisher: European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education
The Teacher Education for Inclusion (TE4I) project has explored how all teachers are
prepared via their initial education to be ‘inclusive’. The three-year project set out to
identify the essential skills, knowledge and understanding, attitudes and values needed by
everyone entering the teaching profession, regardless of the subject, specialist or age
range they will teach or the type of school they will work in.

This document presents a starting point for stakeholders in ITE to use in different contexts
in their countries. With this intention in mind, the Profile and supporting information
outlined in this document are not presented in a usual research or report format. The
agreed Profile is presented in the next section, followed by sections outlining: discussions
on factors supporting the implementation of the Profile; the conceptual framework for the
Profile, including links with current European policy priorities; a section describing the
methodology used for developing the Profile and finally some concluding remarks.
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