Speaking across borders: the role of higher education in furthering intercultural dialogue

Speaking across borders: the role of higher education in furthering intercultural dialogue

Journal: Council of Europe higher education series
Year: 2010
Authors: Bergan S & Van't Land H
Publisher: Council of Europe higher education series
Link: https://book.coe.int/eur/en/higher-education-and-research/4487-speaking-across-borders-the-role-of-higher-education-in-furthering-intercultural-dialogue-council-of-europe-higher-education-series-no16.html
Our ability to relate to and interact with those whose cultural backgrounds differ from our own will be among the determining factors for the future of our societies. For most people, regardless of whether they aim for international careers or life in their local communities, the intercultural dialogue will become a fact of life rather than an option. Education will need to play a key role in developing the ability to conduct intercultural dialogue, which is an integral part of developing democratic culture. This book, edited jointly by the Council of Europe and the International Association of Universities (IAU), explores the role of higher education in developing intercultural dialogue in society at large. It complements Intercultural dialogue on Campus (Higher Education series No. 11) and the issue of the IAU journal Higher Education Policy on the same topic and includes contributions by prominent authors from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America. The book sets out the political context for intercultural dialogue and explores how universities can move from dialogue on campus to dialogue in society, and hence to become actors of intercultural dialogue. It also offers examples of good practice from various parts of the world.
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