IES (Inclusion in Education and Society)

IES (Inclusion in Education and Society)

Coordinator: Dr Michael Shevlin
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The research focus on inclusion has developed for a number of reasons including the commitment of group members to facilitating greater inclusion for marginalized groups particularly those who have disabilities and/or special educational needs through teaching programmes and research projects over a number of years allied to the reality that this area had received limited attention from the Irish education research community. The research group explores inclusion issues at both national and international levels. At a national level research has been conducted into an examination of special education provision.


More specifically, the group since its inception has engaged in four major projects:
1) 'Inclusive Research in Irish Schools'5 (Project IRIS) which was a 4 year longitudinal study investigating the experiences of children and young people with special educational needs in Irish schools;
2) 'The Special Class Model in Ireland: How is it working for pupils with special educational needs in mainstream schools?' This was a joint 2 year study with the ESRI exploring the provision for children with special educational needs within special class model;
3) Transitions for students with disabilities and/or SEN into third level and further education. This was an 18 month study investigating pathways into further and/or higher education for students with disabilities.
4) The Learner Voice project.

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